Monday, April 8, 2013

Book Review: ONE CAME HOME

Georgie Burkhardt refuses to accept that the body that the sheriff brought back to Placid is her sister. Sure, the corpse has red hair and is wearing the same dress that her sister owned, but the body is too decomposed to convince Georgie that her older sister Agatha is really gone. Even though her mother and grandfather accept that Agatha is dead, Georgie wants to retrace the steps that her sister took when she ran away weeks ago to find out what really happened. Putting her own life in danger, Georgie sets off on a journey that unveils her own role in her sister's disappearance.

Set in 1871 Wisconsin, Amy Timberlake's novel combines historical fiction with mystery. Though it takes a while to gain momentum, One Came Home is dark and intriguing novel that can appeal to a wide audience. Georgie is strong protagonist who is not completely likable, which might bother some readers. Those who can endure the slow start and don't mind Georgie's gritty demeanor will be rewarded with beautifully written story.

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