Monday, August 20, 2012

It Always Goes Back to Parking

This morning was open house for students.  They toured the campus, met teachers, and most importantly, decorated lockers all before the start of school tomorrow.  The library hosted an information session for new parents to meet each other and ask questions to the middle school director.  While the parents were interested in a variety of topics, somehow the conversation kept returning to parking.  I spent the morning running to different classrooms, trying to help teachers figure out why the laptop was not talking to lcd projector.  There's no time like the last minute to see if your technology is working!  The best part of the morning was seeing new 5th graders bravely venture into the library for the first time.  Even though we don't open until tomorrow, I think I made a 10 year-old's day by allowing him to check out Brian Jacques's The Pearls of Lutra.  His excitement made my day too.  On another high note, Ally Condie tweeted me today.  I'm really hoping that I can work with Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh to get her to visit our school during her national tour.  They will let me know soon.

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