Friday, March 22, 2013


In 1950s New Orleans, smart and resourceful Josie is the daughter of an uncaring prostitute. Her mother Louise works in a high-end brothel run by Willie, a shrewd yet surprising thoughtful madam. Though Josie has been living on her own since she was twelve, Willie has always been looking out for her. Now that Josie is seventeen, she wants to leave the craziness of the Big Easy. She has her sights on enrolling at Smith College; however, the murder of a wealthy businessman in the Quarter threatens to destroy her plans. 

Out of the Easy takes a rich setting adds fascinating characters and drops in a little mystery to create a wonderful novel. It is very hard to put this book down. Josie’s almost Cinderella story will entice teen readers. The book suffers a bit through an unnecessary love-triangle, but thankfully romance plays only a small part in the story. Where the book really shines is in the relationship between Willie and Josie. Willie is based real-life New Orleans madam Norma Wallace, and she is hilarious. Though Out of the Easy contains mature themes, Septeys plays it safe with the descriptions and dialogue. This novel is appropriate for grades 8 and up.

4 out of 5 stars

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